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Increase the exposure of your brand without any risk. Our business at iNTELLORA MARKETS is to help you recruit, acquire as well as grow performance based relationships. Our affiliate marketing services are fully managed. They are tailored to improve efficiency, drive incremental revenue, provide professional strategic direction and reduce risks. Each of our tailored affiliate marketing solution is unique to every client based on needs. All the services include initial consultation, audit, the submission of expert proposals, affiliate optimization and complete project management as well as frequent recommendations and regular reports. We serve as an extension of your hardworking team. We take affiliate marketing personal and we will treat your needs as though they are our own.

Success in a merchant business depends on exposure. We help you get more volume and exposure through our platform. At iNTELLORA MARKETS, we have designed our affiliate services to drive you forward. With years of delivering premium services, we have come to understand that business is personal. We take pride in providing tailor-made services to boost success in your unique merchant accounts. We serve industries from all sizes and verticals. There is no request that is too arduous or small for us. Our solutions have been crafted thoughtfully using the most technologically advanced and secure equipment available. Our business is to study and understand your business so that we can deliver what you want and allow you to focus on what is most important to you in offering merchant services.

Our main role as iNTELLORA MARKETS is to accelerate results by helping you get more traffic and exposure using tailored affiliate programs. This is achieved by using advanced technology and tested solutions which boost traffic and exposure. We ensure that your business is in the eyes of your target audience thus enabling you to expand your business in more ways in to expand your business in more ways , well….. any ways you can imagine. We adjust your performance to all possible devices, mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc. No project, platform or OS is too big for our in-house team.

Get more for your business with real time statistics. In addition to 24/7/365 customer services, iNTELLORA MARKETS offer real time statistics to help you know where your business stands. Whether you want to see if your revenues have been going up or your brand exposure has been improving, we will give you real time data. Our dedicated data, insight and reporting services will ensure an established measurement approach to align your needs, data that is integrated and visualized, insight into actionable strategies, seamless integration of tracking and understanding the relationship between solutions such as organic channels and aggregation of paid.

From merchant services to affiliate marketing solutions, profitability is our everyday objective. To ensure this, iNTELLORA MARKETS offers customized solutions that fit your business, provides continuous affiliate marketing management and dedicate experienced affiliate marketing team to manage your project. Success with us can be seen in our integrated marketing approach, creative development services, effective recruiting approaches, cost-effective strategies and conversion analysis. With us, nothing is left to chance. Our approach is holistic and comprehensive. We help you realize the full potential of your business by creating an effective online presence.

With fantastic services, low rates and no hidden charges, we are the highest rated partner for merchant companies. Our customers love us not only because of our topnotch solutions in driving traffic and exposure but also for our dedication to great customer service. With iNTELLORA MARKETS, you can count on no term commitment, no hidden fees, lifetime rates, and free equipment program among other things. For years, our customers continue to consider us as an invaluable part of their team. Don’t take our word for it. Go through our testimonials.

Pay Per Click

Pay-per-Click gives you the chance to get instant traffic and offers an assortment of ways to complement the existing SEO strategies. We understand the science of finding the right keywords for PPC and we use a combination of advertising methods such as Google AdWords, Bing Advertising, Facebook Ads and remarketing. PPC auditing is offered as a service by iNTELLORA MARKETS. Count on us today.

Search Engine Optimization

While determining your customers’ needs, iNTELLORA MARKETS considers social network, search engines and online news media preferences. This data helps us develop a strategy that increases online visibility while at the same time putting your brand in the eyes of the right audiences and on the right channels. Our team will combine strategies to bring the best SEO results in the shortest time.

Display Advertisement

We are experts in the three most effective types of displaying advertisements: retargeting, contextual targeting and site targeting. Our solutions will help reach more qualified prospects and generate great sales leads with high conversion rates. We display advertisements based on a custom combination of these criteria: demographics, search history, third-party site placements and email lists.

Online Marketing

We strive to understand your customer needs and create an online marketing strategy that makes it easy for customers to find you, engage and inspire action. Our marketing strategies include the use of content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, influencer marketing, digital advertising and website analytics and more. We tailor services to the unique needs of every client.

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Data Analytics for Max Conversion

Real time monitoring is what we focus on to maximize conversion and boost your profits. We help you finding the big data within few seconds, rather than having to create countless reports. Real Data – in real time. We provide you with a fully functioning suit where you can track all your transactions and get real time statistics just a few clicks away.

Outstanding Affiliation Tools

We follow changes closely in the realm of merchants. This is what allows us to remain up-to-date with the latest technology and best approaches in marketing. Regardless what your affiliation is, you can rest assured that we will outfit your business with the most advanced and reliable solutions available.

Designated Affiliate Managers

With a local based customer support team, you will have access to 24/7/365 customer service. Our Live Chat has features that help us troubleshoot virtually anything regardless of how complicated a problem is. We are committed to delivering fast, friendly and knowledgeable help.

Sharp, Targeted AD Quality

Affiliate marketing costs money. We strive to lower your cost by not only offering competitive rates but also picking the best ads for your business. The high quality ads are sharp and targeted. Close monitoring helps identify flaws and fix them in real time. This leads to a stronger bottom line and a process that is smooth, efficient and cost effective.

Unique, Large Scale Publishers

iNTELLORA MARKETS works with a highly skilled and creative team that will supplement all your marketing programs with effective solutions which include custom banners, sales copy content, marketing pages and a range of creative channels. This leads to a range of benefits which include having fresh, insightful and unique brand content.

Traffic Identification and Optimization

Optimizing your success is what we do best. We constantly review your existing programs and offer additional recommendations, suggestions and guidelines based on the performance of the program. With us, you get to experience the most specialized service in the industry.

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